“MIDA: Malaysian Investment Development Authority “


Nouvelle importante : votre participation au Club Entreprises Spécial du 9 Septembre prochain, sera très aimablement sponsorisée par le MIDA, qui a décidé de prendre en charge votre contribution habituelle de participation aux frais.


On September the 9th, 2013, Dato Azman and three executives of the MIDA Kuala Lumpur will be in Paris.
The MIDA is the Malaysian Investment Development Authority, and Dato Azman is the Deputy CEO of this Government Body.

It will be an excellent opportunity for our member companies to learn about the latest developments of the Malaysian policies, rules and regulations regarding the potential development of their activities in the country, and to be able to clarify any specific point they might have, directly with the highest authorities concerned.

It is also useful to remind that the GEP-APAC in Singapore has an active MOU with it’s Malaysian counterpart, the MOGSC (Malaysian Oil @ Gas Services Council), which means that we can have an even stronger support from them for our companies. Sofiyan Yahia, the Chairman of MOGSC, is in direct contact with Benjamin Dupal for the matters of cooperation between the two bodies.

Dato’ Azman Bin Mahmud joined the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) in April 1989 and currently serves as Deputy Chief Executive Officer I. He has worked in various divisions including Industries Divisions, Industrial Promotion Division, Foreign Direct Investment as well as Non-Resource Based and Resource Based Industries. He has extensive knowledge in manufacturing and services sectors in Malaysia.

Throughout his career for more than twenty four (24) years, MIDA has provided him the opportunity to be part of the country’s industrial development. He also has broad working experience in various countries and worked in USA and Japan for a total of 9 years.



Date : Lundi 9 septembre 2013 – Réunion à 16h30 – Cocktail à 18h00
Lieu : Salle 28 – GEP-AFTP – 45, rue Louis – 92400 COURBEVOIE
Le lieu de ce club-entreprises est susceptible de modification en fonction du nombre de participants.


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