The oil and gas sector

The whole oil and gas industry chain covers a wide range of activities: exploration, production, refining, petrochemicals, sales and marketing and distribution, etc.

This section aims to give a better understanding of what this oil and gas industry chain covers, starting with the industry in France.

There are links to the main companies operating in France.

Role and place of the oil and gas sector in France

The French oil and gas sector is a formidable one, which is positioned among the world leaders. France has two world-ranking operating companies: Total, the fourth largest private sector oil company in the world, and Gaz de France, as well as a first-rate oil and gas services industry developed mainly from a SME-SMI network.


This latter industry today has a turnover of €14 G, is the country’s 3rd largest industrial sector in terms of exports behind food production and car production, and the 2nd largest oil services sector in the world in terms of exports behind that of the United States.

The French oil service and supply industry employs 55,000 high tech and scientific personnel and its technological expertise enjoys an international reputation particularly in deep and ultra deep offshore. It is important to support it in research and development by providing it with the economic and technological conditions that will enable it to remain internationally competitive.

(Source IFP)