OG2P: In-Country Value partnering platform (www.og2p.com)

In-Country value partnering is an opportunity to increase your international activities. In many emerging producing countries, local markets have been restricted for foreign entrants in order to protect and develop the domestic economy.

The goals of OG2P (Oil and Gas Partnering Platform) are:

  • Facilitate relationship building between companies interested in creating In-Country Value (Local Content) partnerships.
  • Offer European subscribing companies an international visibility of the skills they wish to expand in an In-Country Value context.
  • Give to major Oil & Gas contractors complementary information about local suppliers interested in participating  in the Oil and Gas supply chain and promote partnerships with international players
  • Promote an international network of Oil & Gas In-Country Value players.
  • Share useful information about In-Country Value.

OG2P aims to gather in a same virtual area:

  • Major operators and contractors, present in producing countries and ready to promote local partnerships
  • French or European SME (*) willing to gain an international visibility of the skills they want to promote in an In-Country Value context
  • SME of producing countries willing to involve in the oil and gas chain or increase their (industrial development.

OG2P – A database with several functionalities:

  • Customized sheet for each company including contacts, addresses, offered and searched skills in the In-Country Value context, target countries, certification documents, industrial references…
  • Search tool by countries, companies, skills, free text
  • Choice of confidentiality regarding specific types of users
  • Private access to specific information about the In-Country Value


(*)Temporary restricted to GEP-AFTP member companies