CGG Introduces GeoSoftware and GeoConsulting Business Lines


CGG Introduces GeoSoftware and GeoConsulting Business Lines CGG announced today the creation of two new business lines, GeoSoftware and GeoConsulting, within its Geology, Geophysics & Reservoir (GGR) division:

– GeoSoftware is the worldwide leader in advanced seismic reservoir characterization technology. It brings together CGG’s commercial software including Jason, Hampson-Russell and TerraSpark, along with the associated sales, marketing and product services, such as training, product support and product mentoring

– GeoConsulting is a full-spectrum Geological and Geophysical consulting services organization. In addition to CGG’s Seismic Reservoir Characterization services supporting its Jason and Hampson-Russell technologies, GeoConsulting offers the company’s unique line of Robertson geoscience consulting services and multi-client products including a full range of geological, petroleum engineering and economic disciplines. It also contains NPA Satellite Mapping and all global training services relating to GeoConsulting.

This move consolidates and aligns CGG’s expertise in a way that best reflects its customers’ needs to help them achieve their E&P goals.

More specifically, through GeoSoftware, CGG will further improve its products and services to provide customers with the best understanding of their reservoirs and deliver unsurpassed expertise and workflows for optimizing decision-making. Through GeoConsulting, the company will further enhance its geological and geophysical multi-client products and reports and expand its high-end consulting services across the E&P value chain.

By bringing together this best-in-class geoscience expertise, this new organization will generate valuable synergies in development roadmaps, technology innovation and multi-client products. CGG will be able to better invest in and expand these key areas of its business, creating new and truly integrated geoscience offerings that draw on the unique knowledge of over 800 CGG professionals working in over 20 key oil and gas centers around the world.