Our Association

GEP-AFTP’s bylaws

The GEP-AFTP Association was born out of the merger on 1st July 2011 of GEP (the association of companies in the oil and gas related industries) with the AFTP (the association of oil and gas technicians and professionals), both of which are committed to the worldwide promotion of French excellence in the oil and gas industry.

The combined expertise of its 1,320 members (220 companies and 1,100 professionals) covers the whole of the oil and gas sector (exploration, production, development, logistics, refining and distribution).


GEP-AFTP’s main goals are to disseminate scientific and technical knowledge among its individual members, to foster the development of inter-professional networks and to support the international expansion of its corporate members, notably small and medium-sized enterprises.

”The French oil and gas industry’s many strengths include a great capacity for innovation, which has enabled it to meet the growing needs for high quality and safety standards. Moreover, its technological expertise and know-how have a broad range of applications in new energy sources.” Jean Ropers, President of GEP-AFTP.

GEP-AFTP’s overall aims

GEP-AFTP’s goals are directed towards the achievement of three main aims:

To promote our excellence by

  • fostering the dissemination of scientific and technical knowledge as well as feedback from experience and best practices;
  • supporting the development of inter-professional networks adapted to each geographical area;
  • cultivating good relations with similar organisations across the world.

To anticipate changes in our lines of business by

  • favouring collective work and forward thinking on technical and economic issues;
  • advocating innovation and partnerships;
  • facilitating access to existing networks by students, researchers and young professionals.

To capitalise on our skills by

  • promoting our technological excellence among public and private contracting authorities;
  • enhancing our role as representatives of companies and professionals in their relations with European and international authorities;
  • contributing to the standardisation work undertaken by French, European and international bodies.

To achieve its goals, the Association has a whole range of tools and services at its disposal, which it makes available to its members.


GEP-AFTP’s bylaws